My Top 10 Lost Questions

Lost is known as a show all about mystery and raising more questions than answering. A lot of viewers seem to be turned off by this aspect of the show but its the thing that keeps me coming back. There’s something immensely fun about being in the middle of a big complicated mystery and trying to put the pieces together yourself. I’ve put together some questions I’d like to see the answers to the most (no matter how long I have to wait for them). The worst part is we still have about six months to go before the season 4 premiere, so its a lot of time to mull over episodes and speculate.

1] Who is Jacob?
Jacob’s name was tossed around near the middle part of Season 2 and it popped up in the brainwashing video Karl was being forced to watch. It wasn’t until the Season 3 episode “The Man Behind the Curtain” that we finally got to “see” Jacob. Ben brought Locke to a mysterious cabin in the woods, surrounded by a line of ash and introduced him to Jacob, a man Ben claimed had great powers. jacob's eyeWhat Locke found was an empty chair. However, once he turned his flashlight on all hell broke loose in the cabin and we got a brief glimpse of an eye and a voice whispering “Help me.” For the big time Lostophiles a “blink and you miss it” silhouette of Jacob appeared and revealed him as a gray-haired and bearded man. I get the feeling there’s a lot of history to Jacob to be revealed such as how he and Ben first met and why his name has such an influence with the Others. Based on the interjection of time travel into the series, could Jacob be someone trapped between times or universes?

2] What is the purpose of the Monster?
Since episode one, a creature has been seen on the Island. Of all the mysteries on Lost this is the one I think most fans want solved. I believe a lot of the answers lie in a comment from Rousseau in “Exodus” (Season 1) when she reffered to the Monster as a “security system”. This leads me to wonder what is it protecting? When you realize how much of the Island is left to explore it could be just about anything. Some interesting Monster encounters are Locke’s in “Exodus” where he tells Jack he wasn’t going to be killed.eko and the monster How did Locke know this? Locke also saw the Monster as a bright light and everyone else seems to have seen a black smoke. Does it appear differently to different people? There’s also Kate and Juliet’s encounter with the Monster in “Left Behind” (S3) where it appears to have three heads (a la the mythological monster Cerebus). The series’ writers have said that the question we should be asking about this creature is “Who made it and why?” So who do you think did?

3] What happened when the Swan Station exploded?
For the majority of season 2 the series was set in the mysterious Dharma hatch. With the end of season 2, Desmond turned the key on a “failsafe” device and the hatch imploded but didn’t kill Locke, Desmond, or Eko. In the aftermath, Locke was temporarily mute, Eko had been drug off by one of the polar bears, hatchand Desmond seemed to have gained the ability to get glimpses of the future. So what happened when Desmond turned the key and the sky went purple? We know the Others lost all communication with the outside world and even they didn’t understand what happened. The answer may lie in what was behind the walled up portion of the Swan Station. It seemed to magnetize things and Saiyd found it was completely closed off all the way down to the foundation. What had the Dharma Initiative closed off from human eyes?

4] Who was in the coffin in the flashforward?
The season 3 finale threw every viewer for a loop when it was revealed that the episode’s “flashbacks” had actually been a glimpse into the post-Island futures of Jack and Kate. A newspaper obituary evoked a strong emotional response from Jack, driving him to attempt suicide on a bridge. Later, he visits the funereal home to find he was the only person to come see the deceased. So who was this poor soul to die without anyone (except for Jack) to remember him.coffin When Jack asks Kate if she went she responds “Why would I?” The deceased must have some volatile relationship with Kate. Gleaned from screen captures of the obit, we know it was a man who died in the streets and left behind a teenage son. Michael comes to mind immediately, Walt was his only family and who knows what has happened to him in the meantime. But there’s always a chance that we have more to learn about some of our cast or is it actually a character not yet introduced into the series?

5] What happened to Michael and Walt?
When we last saw this troubled father and son duo they were heading off on a small boat after Michael had betrayed his friends to the Others. michael and waltThe whole storyline of Michael’s betrayal for the sake of his son was one of the biggest twists of the series so far. As they sped away I couldn’t help but think their story is far from over. In Season 1, Walt had been revealed to have mental powers and managed to manifest himself to Shannon in season 2. It wasn’t until the season 3 finale that their story began again when Walt mysteriously appeared to a suicidal Locke and motivated him to keep going. The whole conversation between these two wasn’t shown but Locke seemed to have gained a deeper knowledge of events and desperately tried to keep Jack from contacting a boat waiting a few miles off-shore. The producers have promised these two will be back in season 4 and I can’t wait to find out where they went after leaving the Island and what brings them back to it.

6] Are Nikki and Paolo dead?
It took a lot of balls for the producers to introduce two new Losties pulled from the background in season 3. It ended up being a clever diversion and provided one of the most unique episodes of the series so far. It was also one of the first times Losties were revealed to be very unsympathetic and down right nasty people. In the end, this duo’s tragic love story ended with betrayal and both of them being paralyzed and buried alive. nikki and paoloAt one point in the episode “Expose”, as Paolo digs a hole to plant his diamonds in, Locke says “Things don’t stay buried on this island.” This seems to relate to the final scene of the episode as Nikki and Paolo are presumed dead and buried, fully mentally conscious of what’s happening. The producers have said one of the questions we should be asking is “Are Nikki and Paolo dead?” So what significance do these characters still have to play in the series?

7] What is the history behind the statue leg/temple ruins?
In the finale of season 2, viewers got thrown an interesting thing to chew on. As Saiyd, Sun, and Jin rounded the Island shore on a yacht they glimpsed the remains of quite a large statue, a leg with four toes. statueIn season 3, Locke followed the Others to a campsite near the ruins of what Ben called “The Temple”. There’s definitely an ancient history to the Island and it will most likely tie into the the volcano that’s been brought up from time to time in the series. Its not a stretch to also say that the mysterious nature of the Island (people healing incredibly fast, the monster) also tie into the ancient history. This will probably be covered in those flashbacks that further the history of the Dharma Initiative as we find out why they picked this island to headquarter on.

8] What are the Numbers really?
They helped Hurley win the lottery and then turned his life into ruins. They were the key to keeping the mysterious power source at bay in the Swan Station. They brought Rousseau and her science team to the Island. So what is the significance to 4 8 15 16 23 42? numbersAccording to the map Locke discovered during “Lockdown” they’re the Valenzetti Equation. So what is the Valenzetti Equation? Its explained somewhat during the Lost Experience online game. In a video, hosted by Alvar Hanso, he says the numbers “predict the exact number of years and months until humanity extinguishes itself.” As this hasn’t been brought into the series, its still up in the air as to if our cast learns this or how the Numbers are implemented in later episodes. They seem to pop up quite a bit in the series so far so I think they have a pretty big significance.
(The real world answer to this question is that they’re all retired Yankees’ jersey numbers)

9] What happened to Jack’s dad?
Early on in season 1, Jack began chasing what appeared to be his father, Christian Shepherd, around the Island. daddyThe catch was that Jack’s dad was dead and his body was being transported onboard the plane. The chase eventually led Jack to the Caves and it ended up being a temporary home and water source. Jack also found the coffin but no body and this hasn’t been followed up on since. Through flashbacks we learned Christian spent a lot of time in Australia, was actually Claire’s father, and befriended Ana-Lucia while Down Under his last time. With his constant trips to Australia, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Christian was working for Dharma or the Others. They’ve been shown to employ doctors from the outside world (Juliet). There was a moment in the premiere of season 3 where Jack thinks he hears his father’s voice over an intercom. Did he really? And just where is Christian’s body at? Locke said nothing stays buried on the Island, so did Christian rise from the dead? Or was he ever dead to begin with?

10] Who are the two skeletons found in the Caves?
Jack’s wild goose chase after his dad led him to the Caves and to a couple of skeletons in an embrace. He identified them as male and female and all they had on them was a pouch containing a black stone and a white stone. stonesThis is a common motif in the series, Black/White. You have dual sides in Jack and Sawyer in the Kate love triangle, Charlie and his brother, the various father/son relationships, Locke and Ben. The producers have said this is a mystery that, when we come to the end of the series, we’ll be able to look back and say “ah ha! They had this planned out from the beginning.” So who are these two? Time lost lovers perhaps?

So what do you think of these ten questions? Have any I didn’t list that you want answered? Let me know.


~ by Seth on August 13, 2007.

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