Review: Booster Gold #1

Comics have never been bigger, at least comic book movies haven’t. I’ve been a comic book fan since I was a wee lad and got into “serious” collecting when I was 10. I still read ’em to this day and always like to share one that makes me remember why I love super-heroes.

Booster Gold is a character who’s been around since 1986 and was created by writer/artist Dan Jurgens. The character is one of the more unique ones in the DC Comics and played off of the greed culture of the 1980s. coverOriginally Jon Michael Carter, a professional football player in the 25th century, he was caught betting on his own games. Tossed out of pro ball he got a job as a night watchman at the Metropolis Space Museum. It’s there he strikes upon the idea of creating a superhero identity using future technology and foreknowledge of disasters in the past. He travels back to the late 20th century where he becomes Booster Gold, a capitalist hero. The character went through minor tweaks and changes as he passed through the hands of other writers but eventually ended up the same as he started. After gaining new popularity through last year’s weekly series 52, Booster was primed for a new solo series.

That’s where writer Geoff Johns and artist Dan Jurgens start us out; Booster has befriended his own ancestor, Daniel Carter who is also a superhero known as Supernova. Also in the supporting cast are Skeets, a small floating robot and Booster’s side kick, and the time traveler Rip Hunter. Johns has stated in interviews leading up to the series that the focus will be on Booster as a time traveler visiting the past and future as well as alternate universes. boosterBooster starts his debut issue out by asking the Justice League for a spot on team and they hesitantly give him two weeks to prove himself. Always one to cut corners, Booster just jumps back in time and improves his reputation and also happens to run into his great-great-great-great grandmother. Guided through these missions by Rip Hunter, Booster learns that something fishy is going on throughout the timestream.

It doesn’t deter him from showing up at the Hall of Justice where he’s given his membership with the Justice League. Then one of those pesky rewrites to time occurs and the certificate in Booster’s hands turns to a death certificate for the Green Lantern. boosterRealizing his joining the team would mean the Green Lantern’s death, Booster shows some nobility and rejects the place on the team claiming he did all this just so he could turn them down. Then its back to Rip Hunter who tells Booster he’s going to have to go undercover through time and the series is kicked off.

The writing was some of the best going on at DC. The publisher’s current focus is the lead up to what will be another mega-crossover but that’s not present here. Geoff Johns has had previous work helping to revive The Flash, Green Lantern, and has had a wonderful 8 year run on the Justice Society title. His encyclopedic knowledge of DC’s characters let him re-cap Booster’s rather complicated history in about a page and a half. Pretty good. He also sets up the next year of story lines for Booster with little effort and has me pretty excited about where this character is headed.

Dan Jurgens’ art has never looked better. He’s been fairly absent from the comics scene until last year when he penciled “The History of the DC Universe” back-up feature in 52. He has that traditional American comics style, very clean lines and its enhanced quite a bit by the computer coloring. It’s also pretty appropriate that he created the character that he should have the artistic chores.


~ by Seth on August 20, 2007.

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