Movie Trailer Round-Up – 8/22/07

Some interesting films on the horizon. Here’s a few you may not be aware of and links to the trailers…

Rocket Science (dir. Jeffrey Blitz) – the director of the spelling bee documentary, Spellbound, brings us a comedy about a stuttering boy who joins his high school’s debate team for confidence. Looks to have quite a few similarities to Thumbsucker but seems to be emphasizing the comedy more.

Day Night Day Night (dir. Julia Lotkev) – A unnamed young girls is coached by ski-masked men to commit a suicide bombing in New York City for a cause we’re never told the details about. The film hopes to examine why a person would sacrifice themselves like this without attaching the main character to any one brand of religion or philosophy.  Looks similar to the sort of fables Kafka wrote.

Be Kind, Rewind (dir. Michel Gondry) – Jack Black and Mos Def play video store employees who accidentally erase all the tapes. The can’t afford to buy replacements so they set out to make their own versions of the films (Ghostbusters, Boyz In Tha Hood, Robocop) that end up being about 20 minutes in length. The films become a sensation but also draw the ire of the FBI for violating the copyright laws. Looks to be a comedic take on the current RIAA/MPAA bullying of people and an encouragement to create your own art rather than rely on someone else to.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (dir. Jake Kasdan) – A parody of Walk The Line primarily but also biopics in general, John C. Reilly stars as fictional country music legend Dewey Cox. A comedy akin to Anchorman it looks pretty funny. I’m especially excited about Dewey’s encounter with the Beatles (Jason Schwarztmann as Ringo!).

The Nines (dir. John August) – Though the trailer doesn’t say it, the film is made up of three short films that supposedly interlink. Ryan Reynolds, Hope Davis, and Elle Fanning are in all three as three different characters. The buzz from those who’ve seen it already is its once of the most mind-blowing films out this year. The trailer hasn’t gotten me too psyched but you can view the first nine minutes on iFilm and it does look promising.

I’m Not There (dir. Todd Haynes) – Haynes seems to be borrowing from Todd Solondz’ play book by having six different actors portray Bob Dylan in this biopic. The most exciting to see will be Cate Blanchett. She’s a fabulous actor and I can’t wait to see what she brings to the role. There’s also Christian Bale, Richard Gere, and Heath Ledger among the cast as well. Looks to be an interesting experiment.


~ by Seth on August 22, 2007.

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