A Brief Look at Heroes Season One

heroesMy first encounter with NBC’s Heroes was not a good one. I came in about five episodes into the series and was not too impressed with the series after about a month of watching so I stopped. However, I kept hearing continuous buzz about it from friends and online so it always remained in the back of mind. Once I found out about the 8 month wait for a fourth season of Lost I started to look for a series to help get me occupied and remembered Heroes. This time I started from the beginning and found the show to be one of the best on television (still not better than Lost).

Some background first: Heroes was created by Tim Kring whose biggest project before was the crime drama Crossing Jordan. The original pilot for Heroes was not view by the NBC executives as one of their better dramas but as the 2006-07 season loomed closer they didn’t seem to have much else to put out there. Much to their surprise the series became one of the highest rated on television and we all know the rest of the story.

Heroes is a very different series from Lost, especially in the way the story unfolds. With Lost its been fairly established in its first three seasons that the big secrets will be held back till the final season. In this way Lost is one whole story being spread out over 6 seasons, almost a telenovel. Heroes’ form is very similar to the way contemporary comics are formatted. They are a series of storyarcs spanning over an average of six issues (Heroes could be said to have six episode arcs) so this isn’t one huge story but a few interlinked smaller stories and more about the characters’ journies.

Let’s take a look at some of characters that interest me the most:

First, there’s the breakout starlet Hayden Panetierre as Claire Bennett, the indestructable cheerleader. The first season explored her coming to terms with her powers and her search for her bilogical parents. This search has made her a much more important figure and I get the feeling there’s going to an On The Run aspect to Claire in season 2. Peter Petrelli, the emo-ish hospice nurse, started out as a character that grated on me. By season’s end he became very interesting as it was revealed his power was to mimic other heroes’ powers. This opened the door for some interesting twists in his stories and I’m really excited to see what happens as he encounters new heroes. There’s Hiro Nakamura, a Japanese man who can leap forwards and backwards through time as well as freeze it. Hiro was an extremely important figure in the first season, sort of acting as the catalyst in the larger storyline and bringing the various characters together. As of the end of season 1 he’s ended up in a place that will make his storyline very seperate from the rest of the cast. Finally, my favorite and one of the more complex characters is Syler, a super-powered serial killer. His original power was simply being able to look at anything (artificial or organic and figure out how it worked. From there he began killing other super-powered humans and rewriting his own DNA to gain their abilities. Zachary Quinto, the actor who plays Sylar, is now listed as a full-time cast member for season 2 so there are plenty more stories to be told.

I’m really excited about the new season (Sep. 24th). I think now that the characters are established the direction is going to go into exploring how these powers came to be and history of superhumans in this universe.


~ by Seth on September 10, 2007.

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