Back in Action: Heroes Returns

So the second chapter in the Heroes saga began Monday night. The series continues to follow the comic book mold by leaping four months ahead of the season one finale. This sort of device was employed by DC Comics last spring as all their titles were under the banner of One Year Later. This literary device can prove very effective because it takes our characters to a new place quickly and also creates some mysteries about what happened in that lost time. The premiere of Heroes definitely threw the viewers for a loop by putting many of its characters in new situations and surprising us quite a bit. Beware! Spoilers beyond this point.

First, lets look at the new characters introduced. There’s the Herrara twins; Alejandro and Maya. They’re being pursued by Dominican authorities for murder though it looks like the mysterious nature of their powers is responsible. The premiere pretty much showed that as long as they are in close proximity to each other their power is dormant and it also looked like Maya bears the brunt of the power. Her victims appeared to be bleeding from their eyes so whatever it is she does its quite gruesome. It also looked like the twins had a copy of Soresh’s father’s book so I see them coming in contact with Soresh at some point. Then there’s Tekezo Kensei, Hiro’s childhood idol who turns out to be a con man from the British Isles. Kensei bore the strange S symbol that was seen throughout season one on his banner. That coupled with the strange eclipse makes me think Kensei has some power he haven’t yet seen. It also looks like Hiro has messed with time by changing the events of the stories he’d been told.

Our returning characters from season one are also in some interesting spots. The Butler (formerly Bennett) family is in California. Claire is told to be invisible which she already seems to be failing at and she’s also found a way to keep in touch with her biological father, the not dead Nathan Petrelli. I enjoyed the sequences with her father at his Kinko’s-type job, sort of a humilating place for him but a price he’s paying for protecting his family. I was interested in seeing that Parkman and Soresh were living in New York and taking care of Molly Walker. I’m very interested in finding out who the evil figure is Molly glances in her dreams. It also seems like something interesting happened in the sky after Nathan flew Peter away before he exploded. This begs the question did Nathan see Peter die? Also, how did Claire get back into contact with Nathan after that event? The biggest moment came with the death of Kaito Nakamura, Hiro’s father. He received the picture of himself, which I think was taken from a group photo, bearing the S mark and was subsequently pushed off the roof of the Deveaux building. My feeling is that we know Kaito, Angela Petrelli, Linderman, and Deveaux were organized as some sort of group in the past so there are stories about what this group did and enemies that they made. I would guarantee Mrs. Petrelli will be receiving one of these death threats soon. The biggest twist was Peter Petrelli being discovered in a storage container in Ireland, begging the questions “how long has he been there?” and “why can’t he remember who he is?”

Overall, this looks like a great start to the second season. There’s already plenty of new mysteries to explore. We still haven’t heard from Nikki yet so I’m sure there’s something there. There’s also two more new characters to be introduced this season including Veronica Mars’ Kristen Bell. Looks like we’re in for some fun this season.


~ by Seth on September 27, 2007.

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